A Curious Journalist’s Guide to A.I.

Resource Building, Research, Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2023

I built a beginner-level guide for journalists to learn about artificial intelligence. The purpose of my project was to give journalists a basic A.I. literacy, so that they may use and report on A.I. tech in a fair and responsibile way.

The guide is divided in to four chapters:
  • Chapter 1 covers the very basics of AI and machine learning. 
  • Chapter 2 covers the ways journalists can use AI, and how to approach reporting on AI.
  • Chapter 3 covers some of the myths that drive the AI hype cycle.
  • Chapter 4 is a short glossary of common phrases that come up when reading about AI.

This project was completed as an independent study for NYU Studio 20, under the direction of professor Jay Rosen. I recieved guidance from Meredith Broussard, and Jonathan Soma.

Read the full guide here.