Seam Ripper

Media Product Development, Design
Fall 2022

With the guidance of professor Elizabeth Spiers, I designed a prototype and business model for a fashion community forum and news aggregator product. This process involved conducting surveys, competitive analysis, UX/UI design and creating a pitch deck.

My product was inspired by community aggregator apps like Letterboxd, RateYourMusic and IMDB, and informed by my love for fashion. I wanted to design a platform for fashion obsessed people to engage with runway shows and to find each other on a level not afforded to them on existing social media.

I consulted Rachel Tashjian (former Fashion News Director at Harpers Bazaar), Laia Garcia Furtado (Senior Fashion News Editor at Vogue Runway) and Joel Pavelski (Global Director of Content Strategy at GQ)

I created a clickable prototype, populated with images, articles and “ads” to demonstrate how the app would function, look and feel.